Mikroteh joint venture for services and commerce (hereinafter referred to as “Mikroteh”) sets out all the terms and conditions of the service below as a service provider and all the rights and obligations of the service user (User – any legal or natural person who requires and agrees to perform the services).


When handing the device over for service, in person at the office or by delivery, the user is obliged to inform Mikroteh of any previous malfunctions and damages to the device, and the final check of defects is performed by Mikroteh during the diagnostic process. Upon diagnostics process completion, Mikroteh will notify the user in writing, orally or electronically, and will request the consent to start the repair service, based on the offer or diagnostics. Mikroteh will never start the repair service without the prior notice and consent of the User.

After completing the diagnostic process, the 15-day consent deadline begins. If the User does not agree to the repair service within the specified deadline, we inform him that he can pick up the device at a cost of diagnostics and possible shipping costs. If the User has agreed to the repair service within the given deadline, Mikroteh will start the service and upon its completion inform the user that he can pick up the device. After the pick up notification, the 15 calendar day period for pickup of the device begins.

If the user does not pick up the device within the given deadline, whether he is notified after the expiry of the repair service consent period or after the service has ended, Mikroteh will start charging for device storage in the amount of HRK 5.00/day, the cost of which will be borne by the User. Mikroteh assumes no responsibility for the device that has not been picked up by the user within 45 calendar days from the day of notification, without prior agreement on extended waiting, and reserves the right to reimburse all costs incurred in connection with the repair service.

In this case, in accordance with the Ownership and Other Real Rights Act (NN 91/96), the user agrees that this will be considered a waiver of the ownership of the device and that the device will be an abandoned thing that can be treated by Mikroteh as a movable thing that no one has in its property and sell it to third parties to reimburse all of its incurred costs. Also, in accordance with the Civil Obligations Act (NN 35/05), the user explicitly and unconditionally confirms that Mikroteh has the right to retain the object of repair and is entitled to recover all his expenses related to repair from the value realized by selling the device to third parties.

Unless otherwise specified, all costs for the delivery of the device by courier are to be borne by the customer. All devices sent by any form of delivery must be packed in such a way as to prevent damage during normal handling of the shipment. Shipping companies have the right to refuse to pick up a device that is not properly packed.

In case of unsuccessful repair, only diagnostics will be charged, and in case of unprofitable repair, we will offer to purchase the device in exchange for diagnostic s costs.


If the electronics malfunction is significant, additional malfunctions may occur during the device diagnostics and repair service process. Mikroteh assumes no risk or liability for any malfunctions that may occur during the diagnostic and service process. For devices that have been oxidized but turned on before the repair service, Mikroteh does not bear any liability in the event that they can no longer be switched on during or after the service. Mikroteh is not responsible for the potential loss of the device’s water resistance properties after the repair service has been performed on the waterproof device.

Mikroteh performs the installation and reinstallation services of operating systems, programs and applications, but the user is solely responsible for maintaining, updating, licensing and copyrighting the software after the service has been provided. The user is solely responsible for the protection and security of all data on the device which is being handed over for service, while Mikroteh disclaims all liability for the potential loss of data contained in the device memory or in the storage medium contained in the device.


Mikroteh is not authorized by any company or manufacturer and gives warranty only on services performed, repairs made and replacement parts installed. The factory warranty on the handed over device is no longer valid after Mikroteh performs repairs of the device. Mikroteh guarantees the quality of the work performed and the smooth operation of the installed parts if the user complies with the rules of use. If the repaired device does not work properly Mikroteh is obliged to repair or replace the defective part within the warranty period at its own expense.

Mikroteh gives a 12 months warranty from the date of the repair service. Also, Mikroteh guarantees a term of repair of the advertised devices of 60 calendar days and if this deadline is not respected, Mikroteh will refund the user the money paid for the work done.

Mikroteh marks each repaired device with special markers that are placed in certain places on the device to protect against tampering. The markers must not be damaged as in this case, Mikroteh believes that the device was tampered with and does not accept the warranty on parts replaced and repairs performed. The warranty period for all software repairs is one month, provided that the device is not software modified by unauthorized persons or by installing harmful applications.

Mikroteh will accept for service a device for which replacement parts and components are provided by the user, but does not give any guarantee for those components or replacement parts, as well as for performed works in which components and replacement parts are provided by the user.

Warranty conditions do not cover defects caused by improper use of the device or failure to comply with the maintenance and service plan as directed by Mikroteh. Also, warranty conditions do not cover failures caused by mechanical damage such as shocks and falls. Warranty conditions do not cover failures caused by: working under excessive voltage; due to faulty electrical installations; environmental influences such as high or low temperatures, high humidity and polluted environment; natural disasters such as earthquake, flood and fire.


The work order is issued for the purpose of proving that the device has been handed over to Mikroteh and the device cannot be picked up without presenting said work order.

By signing a work order, the user gives Mikroteh the right to perform all work for the purpose of repairing the device specified on the work order.

The work order is issued in two identical copies, and the user irrevocably accepts Mikroteh’s Terms of Service with his signature of the work order.

By signing the work order, the user irrevocably and without reservation accepts the truth of all information stated in the work order.